About Me

Hello! I’m Anna, and I hope to be your photographer! I live in Mount Rainier, Maryland with my husband, Joel, and my little boy, Elias. These guys are the loves of my life!

Other things I love (in no particular order):

  • Photography (but I think you already knew that).
  • My God, my family, my church family, my friends.
  • Education. Teaching. Education.
  • Trees, mountains, snow, flowers.
  • Walks through the park, random date nights, good food, good conversations.
  • Anytime Elias does something new, a clean house, a good sale.
  • Recycling, cooking, the piano, Pinterest.

About My Photography

I believe beauty can be found in everyone, everywhere. Life is mostly made up of imperfect moments that can be simultaneously annoying and hilarious, chaotic and beautiful, messy and comfortable. Instead of covering all of that up for one photoshoot, why not just ROLL with it?

As your photographer, I want you to feel comfortable enough to be completely yourself with me! I hope to do this by photographing you and yours in your element, as you engage in activities that you are comfortable with, and stand/sit/lie in poses that you naturally gravitate to. And.. That spit-up stain in your dress, or the couple strands of hair that whipped in front of your face, or that serious look on your kid’s face (because he just. won’t smile.).. Those are the imperfections of your life that I want to photograph! Those are a part of real life – your life – that I, through the lens of my camera, will have the joy of seeing how beautiful it is. And I hope that through my photography, you will find the same beauty in yourself.

I currently serve the Washington DC metro area, including the Maryland and Virginia suburbs of DC. I hope to hear from you soon!