Andy and Erin: A Maternity Photo Session

School + work + life have proven to be a challenging combination this past semester, so I took a break from updating my photo blog - but I'm back! I'm going to do my best to post as many photo sessions from the rest of 2013 before the new year hits. There are so many good sessions to share - I'm so excited! I'll start with Andy and Erin's maternity photo shoot. Andy and Erin are one of my first few friends when I first moved to Pittsburgh. In fact, Erin was one of the people responsible for pushing me into doing portrait photography more seriously. I also have them to thank for the many, Many photography referrals they've sent my way. With all that said, they're a pretty awesome couple, and I was honored to photograph them as they were preparing for the arrival of their sweet baby girl.

Andy and Erin: Maternity Photos