"Home" is an ongoing personal photography project that will be presented in a three-part series. This series will feature people, places and things that represent what "Home" means to me.

The word "home," as we all know, basically means "where a person lives, or where a person is from". But "home" can also be defined as "a place where one flourishes". Many of the photos presented in this project are not only places that I physically consider to be my home, but also places that are rich in culture, history, beauty, and even humor, that has played a part in enriching my life.


I’ll be releasing these pictures in three parts. The first part will feature my home country, Malaysia. The second part will highlight my life in my current home city, Pittsburgh. The third part of the series will showcase landscape photos of our home here on Earth.

Each photo has its own unique story; photos do not necessarily connect to other photos within its series. Hover over each image to read its captions! Also, this is an ongoing photo project. I will be releasing each part of the series, as well as the photos within each part, a little bit at a time.

I believe that photography has the ability to tell stories, educate, bring joy, and change views. So hopefully, through this project, you will understand my story, people, culture, environment, and the places I call home, a little better.


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